Fabio Teixeira | PUBTechSF@Silicon Valley 2016

O Fabio Teixeira será um palestrante no PUBTechSF@Silicon Valley 2016. O título da palestra do Fabio é “Hypercubes, Earth Observation Satellites assisted by Artificial Intelligence“.

O PUBTechSF@Silicon Valley 2016 será no dia 15 de novembro, na sede do LinkedIn em Sunnyvale, CA.

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Space Entrepreneur, because badass miracle worker in not an official job title.

Mini Bio: Soul in space, body in Silicon Valley, Fabio is a highly skilled software and electrical engineer with 20+ years of experience and a distinguished record of achievements. By putting together, a life threatening geolocation based alert system, Fabio was the 1st person in the world to win a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Singularity University Graduate Studies Program (2010). At NASA, he fell in love with space and by proposing a novel theory photoelectric effect “teleportation” over quantum mechanics, he was again honored a full scholarship, this time to attend the International Space University. In 2014 he cofounded Hypercubes, a Singularity University Company building the next generation of Earth Observation Satellites. Fabio also holds a patent for a robotic bartender currently in negotiation for deployment in US.



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